Letter from our firm

During the unprecedented health and economic disaster surrounding COVID-19 outbreak, we want to keep you informed about our plans to keep operations running with minimal disruption. Here’s what we know and the measure’s we are taking:

  • We have transitioned nearly all of our staff to work at their homes during the next several weeks. Washington State has declared “stay-at-home” order throughout the state. Though our business is considered an essential business, exempt from closing, we are taking every precautionary measure to prioritize the health and safety of our employees and you as our clients. Therefore, we will have only 2-3 members of our staff in the office at any point in time.

  • Our office workflow is paperless. This allows us to work from different locations with minimal disruption. Admittedly, while we are working from many different locations there will be unexpected disruptions. We work diligently to overcome these obstacles. Please bear with us and know that you will receive the best possible service we can provide.

  • Our main office phone will remain open from 10 until 4. If our administrative staff is unable to answer phone calls, you can reach our staff directly via the “dial by name directory” even as they are working remotely.

  • If at all possible, please make use of our online tools as a means to conduct business, rather than making in-person office visits. For tax documents, you can use “Share Safe” at the following link: https://www.clientaxcess.com/sharesafe/#/tranersmith

  • Nothing beats face-to-face interaction: Fortunately, we have tools to facilitate this, even when working remote. Email, video conferencing and other electronic communications will remain in use seamlessly.

  • See our Latest Federal Updates section below for new information on the tax filing deadline and other updates as they are released.

Finally, I want to impress upon you the enormity of the economic impact this crisis is imposing on our local business in Edmonds, the Pacific Northwest and throughout the country. Most small businesses simply don’t have the resources to weather an unprecedented event like this for an extended time period. I strongly encourage you to support your local merchants and business community in every way possible while we all work together to overcome this great challenge. Together we will get through this.


Jim, Ken, Shane, Kevin & all associates